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    A man turned into going to the residence of some wealthy character. as he went alongside the road, he saw a container of appropriate apples at the side of the road. he stated, "i do now not need to eat the ones apples; for the rich guy will supply me a good deal food; he will deliver me very best meals to consume." then he took the apples and threw them away into the dust.
    He went on and came to a river. the river had come to be very massive; so he couldn't go over it. he waited for some time; then he said, "i cannot go to the rich guy's residence today, for i can't recover from the river."
    He started to head home. he had eaten no meals that day. he started to need meals. he came to the apples, and he become happy to take them out of the dust and eat them.
    Do now not throw accurate things away; you may be satisfied to have them at some different time.
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