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Thread: Golden Goose Sneakers to go with a pair

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    Golden Goose Sneakers to go with a pair

    Perfect for a cutting edge look. Certain features, such as animal prints, are in our DNA and come in various finishes such as this version with leopard print pony skin insert on the top section. If yall do decide to go with a pair of Golden Goose, note that you probably want to size up half a size at least for the Superstars.

    Mid Star sneakers with pink gold glitter, A casual look exuding streetwear elegance a model that interprets the Golden Goose style thanks to the use of exclusive treatments and finishes. Super Star sneakers with all over black sequins, The appeal of our sneakers' streetwear elegance lies in the exclusive finishes and the use of premium materials.

    Stardan sneakers in fluorescent patchwork with leopard print heel tab, Our Stardan sneakers are inspired by 90s basketball icons the bond with the Golden Goose Sneakers sense of nostalgia is seen through their retro look, hinting at past memories in the same way as an old postcard does. This design, in leather, features a patchwork construction which plays with the tones of fluorescent colours and different finishes. Mesh inserts characterise the two tone side leather upper, enhanced by the addition of black mesh details, while the heel tab is made of pony skin with a leopard print to add an animal note.

    For my firstand thus far, only Golden Goose Shoes pair of golden goose sneakers, I decided I wanted to get a neutral pair no crazy colors, because I wanted them to go with everything. This is the second reason why I think golden goose sneakers are worth the money. The design remains faithful to our philosophy and retains all of the details that have always made our sneakers special. You will feel the revolution from the very first moment you put them on.

    I went with a very neutral white and grey color combo to ensure I would be able to get tons of wear out of them, but they come in lots of fun variations. Italian leather just ages so much better compared to other leather so expect to love your GGs more as years go by.

    Two tone Superstar sneakers in leather and copper suede, An evergreen design and iconic details have always featured on our Superstar sneakers, available in Golden Goose Sale their classic version and with innovative finishes for the new seasons. This model features a two tone upper in white leather on the sides and copper suede on the top.
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