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Thread: How can we be punctual?

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    How can we be punctual?

    One of the major problems in Thai society that everyone knows well isxo walletpunctuality. It may be due to traffic conditions. A cold makes appointments often late. starting from school to work If asked how to change The easiest is to start with us.

    If you are the one who doesn't make an appointment on time Try these methods first. and began to apply techniques Tell your friends more

    1. Real time estimates

    Always evaluate the time first and act realistic about it. What does it mean here? For example, traffic conditions, weather conditions, we have been there before, will you get lost or not, will the car arrive on time? Is it a rare place to be found? Do I have to walk to find another room?

    We tend to be overly optimistic. It's okay for a while And doing something that doesn't go as expected will result in us being late and not on time.

    2. To-do list

    If one day you have to do a lot of things, there are many errands to manage. I recommend trying to list them in order of what we need to do. Start by writing what's important. Which one should I do first? How long does it take?

    3. Be careful what you have to do along the way.

    Another thing that gets us late is because of the little things we just had to do along the way, like stopping for cash, refueling, getting a copy, and delivering. This often happens unexpectedly. making us late to become a person who is not on time

    4. Don't think you'll do everything faster.

    It's another trap since we wake up. We tend to sleep a little longer and think it's ok. Let's go take a shower, eat and get dressed. And in the end, it usually ends in a hurry. and finally do nothing

    5. Come quickly, nothing is damaged.

    We were all disappointed with having to wait when we got there first. But if there is an important appointment It's our responsibility Believe it or not, if you arrive early, nothing is damaged. if you arrive early Maybe bring a book or do something to kill time. In particular, arriving early may express concern at least 10 minutes before your appointment.

    6. Try it now

    All of this would be useless if we didn't try to comply. Try once from someone who is never on time. Go once and you'll feel good and make it easier next time.

    Don't think it's a small thing. Being on time is very important. Sometimes it affects our lives ever. Anyway, don't forget to take it and try it. Follow more articles at I.N.N.

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