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Thread: Galco Fletch??

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    Galco Fletch??

    Anyone use it? I have a 5" 1911 and am looking for a decent quality holster while I save my pennies for a REAL high quality holster.

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    Canít give you personal experience, but from my research:
    ∑ Like you, I started with the FLETCH, but handled one and didnít like the inside-just got an FX Suede (basically a lined FLETCH) for my HK USPC-got it on eBay for $65 delivered from Mardens Surplus (MSRP $107 + Shipping)
    ∑ In process of getting a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard/lined for my P229R from Holsterwear on eBay-$60 delivered, but he has to order as lined are not normally kept in stock. (MSRP $78.50 + Shipping). The DeSantis (on some models) offers 3 belt loops, which can be good/bad-allows either strong side or crossdraw use, but the bad is if you donít want that option itís just stuff in the way you donít need?
    ∑ Never quite made it to Ďem (yet), but on my short list was High Noon Holsters as they use a synthetic material for the lining-suede lining can present a few problems. FLETCH equivalent at High Noon would be their Sky High, but itís $109.95 MSRP + Shipping and I canít find at a discount anywhere. I may end up with one later as theyíre the only one I can find (of the 3 above) that makes a lined holster for one of my guns.

    Just a few suggestions if youíre starting out looking at a FLETCH like I was?
    ĎCourse, if youíre not interested in a lining, youíve got more options than I did-I cheaped out (AFA price) since Iím looking at holsters for about 3 guns!

    High Noon Holsters Sky High
    Galco FX Suede
    DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard
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