The forgotten man in the Nissan scandal

The wife of a former top Nissan executive says her husband has become "collateral damage" in a dispute between the company and its one-time chairman Carlos Ghosn

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Greg Kelly was arrested in Tokyo in November 2018 at the same time as his former boss.

Both were charged with financial crimes.

But while Mr Ghosn himself escaped from Japan in dramatic style, Mr Kelly now faces a possible jail sentence.

'Very dedicated'
For Dee Kelly, the three years since her husband's detention have been "devastating" for their family.

At the time of his arrest, Carlos Ghosn was one of the world's best-known businessmen, and something of a celebrity in Japan. Greg Kelly had a much lower profile.

He was, nonetheless, representative director of the company, a member of the Nissan board, and the right-hand man of the chairman.

"He gave 30 years of his life to that company," explains Dee.

"He was very dedicated. He never wanted fame or fortune, didn't want power, didn't want money - he just really wanted whatever was best for the company, Nissan."

Celebrity flight
In November 2018, the two men flew into Japan expecting to attend an urgent board meeting. Instead they were both detained - in Carlos Ghosn's case, in a blaze of publicity.

They were charged with financial crimes linked to the alleged under-reporting of the chairman's pay.

Just over a year later, Mr Ghosn escaped to Lebanon - hidden in a box carried aboard a private jet. Like his arrest, his flight created headlines around the world.

In a turbulent press conference, he accused people within Nissan of orchestrating his downfall, in an effort to overturn plans for a merger between the Japanese firm and its French partner Renault.

Nissan denies those allegations.