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Thread: Covid vaccines

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    Covid vaccines

    Many of us are older and at higher risk of, well, everything, and many of us don't want to be genetically modified (I do, but that's a separate issue).
    This is a discussion of issues related to the 2 mRNA vaccines we currently have and safety/efficacy issues.
    Question "what would you advise your family to do?

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    the first thing I would advise is to give the vaccine to everyone who has no contraindications

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    well, then I would advise your family to have less contact with each other in order to reduce the risk of infection

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    If you are talking about the prevention of the disease, then I can advise you all to take vitamin C. It is a universal remedy for the body, especially during autumn and spring. You can also use some drugs by type since I also often heard that they are prescribed for covid to prevent the disease. You can also start taking one zinc tablet once a day; this also significantly strengthens the body's immunity and protects you from diseases. Dress according to the weather and try to avoid crowded places; I think you already know these simple rules that are already written in every announcement about the spread of covid

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