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    mp3 to sheetmusic

    Morning is anyone able to transcribe mp3 to sheet music. I am trying to learn (still a beginner) modern girl by meatloaf and usually buy the score and write the notes above the words. This is the only meatloaf song that I cant find the score for... Typical, any ideas greatly received; i have even tried contacting the writer but no reply as yet. I will gladly pay but an online transcribing service wants over £100 and its only a bit of fun i'm not a pro musician...

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    How long have you been a musician ?

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    mp3 to sheetmusic

    Someone here can advise me of any qualitative portable speakers? I'd like to get one Ď'cause I often go to a playground. I was doing some research one time, but havenít found any other good sources where are wide choices and reasonable prices. And yet. Can someone here offer any good online converters? After some time of research to find the better online converter, I found nothing, but, which allows converting to many formats like FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc. So what converters as well as music storage sites can you advise in addition? Thanks

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