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Thread: Wales could revalue homes for first time since 2003

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    Wales could revalue homes for first time since 2003

    Wales could revalue homes for first time since 2003

    Households in Wales could change their council tax bands as part of a proposed Welsh government shake up.

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    Ministers are considering the first revaluation of residential properties since 2003.

    A consultation will take place next year. At the last revaluation a third of households saw their bills rise.

    Ministers say they want to make the tax fairer, but the Conservatives said the Welsh government should protect families from higher bills.

    The Welsh government said the revaluation does not necessarily mean tax bills will rise.

    The move is part of the Welsh Labour government's deal with Plaid Cymru, which was signed last week.

    How much is council tax at the moment?
    The amount of council tax you pay depends on the value of your home, however the last time Welsh homes were valued was 18 years ago.

    Homes are graded into a bands from A to I, homes in band A - valued at less than 44,000 - pay the least council tax, and homes in band I - valued at more than 424,000 - pay the most.

    There are more homes in band C in Wales (valued from 65,001 - 91,000) than any other band, with residents on average paying 1,538 a year in council tax.

    Critics say council tax is out of date because it's based on old property values, and does not fairly tax people on lower incomes.

    'Scope' for fairer system
    But the Welsh Conservatives' local government spokesman Sam Rowlands said: "The last time a revaluation took place in Wales one in three families were hammered by higher bills - and as we recover from the challenges of the pandemic that simply can't happen again.

    "Labour and their coalition buddies in Plaid should use some of the extra billions in funding from the UK government to properly fund local authorities and ensure families are not unjustifiably hit by higher council tax bills in the years to come."

    However his party colleague, Monmouth MS Peter Fox, told the Senedd that the current system is "not a particularly good tax" and there was "scope" for a fairer system, citing the scale of council tax debt.

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