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Thread: Which caviar is better to choose?

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    Which caviar is better to choose?

    Hello everyone, what do you think is the best caviar to serve for dinner?
    Personally, I like osetra caviar, but red caviar looks somehow better.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Black caviar is too expensive. But I dunno why people are so obsessed about it. Personally, I prefer red caviar or salmon caviar. If you like slightly smoked salmon you will like the red caviar too.

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    Osetra caviar is my favorite!!!

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    It mostly depends on the meal you wanna cook. If you need just a portion of caviar to be on the table, you better get the Red Caviar. It isn't that expensive and you can find it in almost every local shop. If you need smth special, then Sturgeon Caviar is what you need. It's the most delicious caviar I've ever tried in my life. In fact, you can on different articles about caviar. For example, I like their thoughts about Beluga caviar...yeah, you can try Beluga too! It tastes great!

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