A hunter is inextricably linked to his Uscamel binoculars. Because there are a wide variety of tasks to be done during his territory walks, all of which require a close look. Wildlife observation in particular is a responsible task that often has to be carried out from a great distance. The hunter checks whether the animals are doing well, what abnormalities appear and whether an animal species has become too numerous.

Binoculars for hide hunting
Hide hunting is the most common type of single hunt today. It is mainly performed at dawn or dusk. The raised or ground seat traditionally overlooks a large, open area, for example a field, the edge of a forest or a large clearing. Since it is possible to settle down permanently and stably on the hide, the binoculars for this type of hunting can be a bit heavier. This is accompanied by a large lens diameter and thus a high light intensity, which is crucial for hide hunting. A classic pair of binoculars for this type of hunt would have the values ​​8x56. With such a lens diameter, it is possible to enlarge sharply and in detail even in twilight or when it is very cloudy.

Binoculars for stalking hunting
When stalking, the hunter sneaks up on the game - of course against the wind and as silently as possible. While in summer the early morning is ideal for stalking, in winter the sunny midday is ideal. The binoculars should be a little lighter when stalking than, for example, on a hide. This makes it easier to stow away and fits comfortably and securely in your hand. Lens diameters of 32 or 42 millimeters with a magnification value of 8 to 10 are therefore also suitable for stalking.

Regardless of the type of hunt, the binoculars should be very robust and adapted to the outdoor area. After all, the hunter often carries out his hunting ground in unfavorable weather such as fog, rain or even snow. The binoculars should therefore be weatherproof and waterproof. A nitrogen filling is also a good idea so that the inner optics do not fog up and the glass is always ready for use.

Our Tip: Uscamel 10x42 HD Compat Binoculars
The Uscamel 10x42 HD Compat Binoculars are perfect for hide hunting. These binoculars combine the highest quality optics with a large lens diameter, creating a generous, extra bright field of view. Its impact-resistant magnalium case is completely waterproof and the glass is nitrogen-filled. For longer, wobble-free observations, it can be easily installed on a tripod.

Experience the Uscamel 10x42 HD at a specialist retailer near you and get in-depth advice.