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Thread: Rebarreling a m48

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    Rebarreling a m48

    I have seen Yugoslavian M48 mausers for a fairly low price and was thinking of making a sporter Mauser. I have seen barrels for them available online and was wondering if a barrel for a k98 will fit a m48. i have read that the Yugo Mausers were made on the same machinery, so i was wondering if the barrels have the same threads.

    i realize that rebarreling will takeaway form it collectablility, but i want a shooter, not a collectible.

    thanks in advance,

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    depending on condition you could quite literally go from $200 milsurp rifle to $175 junk that no one will buy simply by spending $500 to have it rebarreled.

    Seriously the days of saving money by rebarreling old mausers into more common chamberings is LONG LONG LONG LONG GONE. Let me break it down into todays $$$

    Mauser $150

    budget replacment barrel $200

    fit, thread and chamber barrel $250

    total before stock and scope mounts $600

    value of finished rifle that may or may not shoot and function great $200

    Shooting satisfaction derived from a $300 Stevens 200 in 7mm-08 with a good scope that you should have bought to begin with PRICLESS
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    Krochus is correct. Rebarreling an old Mauser is not the cheap way to get a good sporter/hunting rifle. Stevens, Howa, Mossberg all make inexpensive rifles that will outshoot a rebarreled Mauser every time.

    The only exception is if you already have a lathe, TIG welder, receiver wrenches, barrel vise, reamers & gages and can do all the work yourself.

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