hi all

the letters to obama are a great idea

but i think that we should take it to a new and different level

what is the bottom line suggestion that we always see and always offer
when we want to convert some one?


sorry for the caps, but yes, i am screaming

dont berate the man before he even starts

all of us belong to clubs....what if he got 10 or 15 thousand letters all
on official letter heads from all our local clubs inviting him to come
to any one and do some shooting???....

or invite any of our elected officials, for that matter???

it is obvious that our legislators dont know what a single action,
double action, lever, pump or semi automatic really is
(probably best to stay away from full auto for now.....big grin)

once familiar with the differences, maybe they will see that a AWB
is essentially something which is a complete misnomer

what do you think?

it would be a gesture of our good will and might actually do some
good....and you never know...he might take us up on it!

i am going to suggest it to the president of my local club and
let it go from there

good luck!