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Thread: How not to handle firearms around kids...

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    How not to handle firearms around kids...

    This clip was shot from a mobile phone in Aleppo, Syria at a wedding.


    Article translation:
    Only a 2-year-old little boy accidentally shot his own unfortunate father.
    The tragic event occurred at a local celebration. Shooting of guns - as an expression of joy - is nothing unusual in this Arab country.
    Unfortunately, this is not finished well. Father, after a few shots into the air put a pistol on the table. Notice, however, that the weapon interested his 2-year old son.
    The gun fell and was caught by the child in both hands and was trying to give it back to his father, but he stood aside, not noticing his efforts. The child pulled the trigger. Projectile struck the man in pain and injuries, he fell to the floor and later died at the hospital.
    Shock suffered by the little boy two years afterwards, also.
    Ok, first, it looks like he has a holster, why not just put the gun back in the holster after he recklessly fired in the air. (Though that also bothers me... what goes up must come down)

    While we don't see how the kid actually got it, the article claims the kid was trying to hand it back to his father. The only thing I can think of is that the father was drinking and too drunk to realize the kid was even there.

    I think this video shows why it's important to demystify kids of guns. The kid was clearly fascinated by it.

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    Projectile struck the man in pain and injuries
    Ouch! That's right where it hurts.
    Send lawyers, guns, and money . . .

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    Is "Pain and injuries" the new hip term for what used to be called "the cash and prizes"?
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    I think this video shows why it's important to not run around shooting your guns off into the air and then leave them lying around, loaded, in mixed company. The kid was clearly the victim of a bunch of idiots.
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