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Thread: Maybe we should rip off Richard Dawkins

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    Maybe we should rip off Richard Dawkins

    By which I mean this: The author Richard Dawkins has written that he is aggressively promoting his atheist beliefs because of all of the religious violence, saying that it was his duty to bring an end to such things, and promoting his beliefs would help. During the course of a recent thread, there was quite a bit of statistics from the cdc website being given out and (big shock) the gun related deaths are nowhere near the deaths by such things as heart disease, cancer, accidents, that sort of thing. That being said, how much money is wasted each year on Gun Control lobbying, Gun Control Paraphernalia, and even the NRA by which I mean we have to give Pro-Gun organizations tons of moneys just to remain at a stand still (the red queen syndrome, Mr Dawkins would approve). Wouldn't this money be better spent on such things as Cancer Research, Education about eating healthy, and methods of making automobiles safer? Essentially the Brady people are taking money away from such organizations on a futile effort. Guns are here to stay, they are constitutionally protected, not only that but they're not really all that dangerous. Gun Control is diverting money away from things that actually harm people, and thus is not only wasteful, but contributing to such things (I know its a stretch, but these people are used to such things... .50 cal taking down airplanes anyone?). Now i know this idea is pretty vague, but there are plenty of brilliant people who frequent this board who could help flesh it out into something tangible. How can we turn these indisputable figures into a concept of guns being harmless (relatively of course) and there being better things to spend money fighting?
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    ...gun related deaths are nowhere near the deaths by such things as heart disease, cancer, accidents, that sort of thing.
    It is unfortunate...
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    Logic won't work...

    I read somewhere something to the effect that if you argue with fools you don't win, you go away frustrated and the fool gets irritated. As they control the media and that is the funnel to the masses, the truth will not be exposed. The agenda of the left is to remove guns from the populace and allow government control. See communism for what it is, where it is and understand that we will not defeat it without bloodshed.
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