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Thread: Milt Sparks VMII or EX Comanion

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    Milt Sparks VMII or EX Comanion

    I am looking to buy a custom IWB holster for my Beretta 92...I have narrowed it down to either the VMII or the EX Comanion....HELP.


    Please list why you chose the one you did

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    Thumbs up Vm ii

    My first Versa Max II came because I had bought a S&W revolver and went to a forum looking for leather. Tony Kanally, who owns Milt Sparks now had one he had built for himself and then he sold his gun and he sold the holster to me. The second one I bought for a Kimber Classic Custom. I was impressed that the second one was every bit as well made as the one Tony built for his personal use. They are built exceptionally well and are equipped with enough different belt loops and hooks to handle about any need you have. In short they are "Quality" leather goods. They are well worth any amount of waiting you have to do after you order one.
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    EX Comanion?

    I assume that you mean the Milt Sparks Executives [sic] Companion.

    Both are high-quality IWB holsters with different characteristics. The Executives Companion offers the "flange", to reduce pinching of any spare calories that may be stored in the hip area. The Versa Max 2 offers exceptional stability to an autoloading pistol that places a large proportion of its weight in the butt, above the belt, such as a fully loaded Beretta 92. Personally, I have a pair of VM 2's, purchased for use with a Kahr P9 or P9 Covert and, while they are fine holsters, I feel that they may be a bit "overbuilt" for those lightweight pistols. On the other hand, the VM 2 would be the yardstick by which I would measure any other holster for a "high cap" pistol. Unless you are "generously endowed" in the hip area, I think you would find the VM 2 to be the better choice for your Beretta.

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    I have at least two VM-2 holsters for every model of gun I carry: 1911, Commander, and SP-101. It is a great IWB holster.

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    I have always heard more about the Versa Max than any other holster Milt Sparks makes.

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