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Thread: American Rifleman Magazines

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    American Rifleman Magazines

    I received the following email, and thought it worth passing along, in case anyone is interested. I personally don't have the money or storage space to take advantage of this offer...

    Good afternoon. I have literally 1000ís of old AR mags dating back to the 1920ís and including many full sets from the 1930ís-1980ís. The majority are in good to very good condition. I am looking to sell the whole lot. Can you provide me with any contacts that might be interested? I also have several boxes of other gun mags and catalogs, various publications. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give. I give you permission to forward this e-mail to any party that might be interested.

    Jay Landem
    Regional Vice President
    HB&G Building Products
    Cell: 630-207-6980

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    i never saw a price. but wouldnt matter, i inherited mt uncle's collection of American rifleman, guns and ammo, and other catalogs. i dont have thousands but i do have a couple hundred
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