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Thread: kids and crossbows.

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    kids and crossbows.

    anyone try a kid with a cross bow? my kid is small and young pulling a bow of sufficent draw weight to be ethical is too much for her right now. but shes got the bug bad and cross bows are legal in my state now. i'm as stoked as she is siince i was afraid she was gonna go veg/peta on me for a while. i was thinking tree blind with me right behind her. heck her tree house is overlooking a deer trail on the edge of our yard. i am concerned about safety more during practice than the hunt. since the hunt is one shot where as practice is lots of em and i need to keep her and the other critters safe. i've done a few things with her that were "not so wise" and since i've never seen a kid hunt with a crossbow i wann see if there are good reasons why that i've over looked

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    Ten Point crossbow, pricier then alot of them, but these are HIGH QUALITY.

    Avoid tree blinds, or anything that puts the shooter higher up then the deer.

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    why not higher? and i spoil this girl i'd rather buy quality its usually safer

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    Does she shoot a rifle now? Or a shotgun? Is she safe with it?

    If so, she should be OK with a crossbow, as long as you hammer in the fact that all fingers need to be WELL BELOW the track of the string.

    I am guessing that if you get her an effective crossbow that YOU will be cocking it for her rather than her doing it herself. As long as you can deal with that and can honestly answer the questions above, she should be good to go.

    Is the crossbow to cover archery and/or primitive seasons or instead of a firearm all the way through all of the seasons?


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    in va i believe a crossbow is used during firearms season. with a special stamp. i want her to be able to put a deer down fast and hard.try to reduce the possibility of a wounded deer getting away i've been pretty intense on ethical hunting with her and my nephews. and yes i'll cock it and be in stand with her. shes been shooting pellet guns and 22's for a couple years. i still would not leave her alone for a year or 2 and i was shocked when she expressed a desire to hunt. she likes venison and understands the idea of harvest and balance in nature. big change from when i hada adopt out the roosters when we hatched chickens in her school class.

    i think my biggest worry is shes young and small for her age. by next season she'll be 8 going on 9 but shes less than 50 pounds right now. funny girl i butchered a couple deer for friends and she stayed right with me though they were already gutted when they got to me. kids are a real adventure. i quit hunting almost 15 years ago pretty much and now shes got me excited aboot sharing it with her. i was the first one in my family that hunted so i had non family mentors and i believe teaching someone about hunting and all the ethical practice entails was a great lesson for me and made me real close with the folks who took time to share with me. course teaching a city boy is fun to watch and i gave em some chuckles

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    Smile Crossbows are a great way for kids to hunt

    I think that a crossbow, is the perfect way for us as ethical hunters to correctly introduce kids to hunting, without scaring them with the loud bang of a rifle. Also, with the right crossbow, it will be light enough, that they can hold it up, with the aid of a trigger stick or some sort of rest, they can still hold and maneuver the back end of the crossbow, to be sure and learn how to sight in either a practice target or an animal. My daughter whom is almost 6 Years old now, weighs in at about 56 lbs. and I had her shoot my crossbow for the first time the other day, and she did great, with a little help from me, to hold the front of it on a shooting rest, she maneuvered the back end, and learned how to close one eye, and used the other to sight in our target, and the best part about using a crossbow for kids hunting, is it is imho the best safest weapon for them to use, given the fact, at least my crossbow automatically engages the safety, when cocked, and this along with given the fact you do NOT have to even put the (bolt) or arrow into the crossbow until either the animal is within range, or everyone is safely to the side of the shooter, if target shooting, and even then, you still have last control by not turing the safety off for them until the very last minute, once they have it sighted in, and are steady, you can reach up and lastly turn off the safety, and inform them they can ease the trigger back whenever they are ready. All of this, and the lack of any recoil, and scary noise, made sure that my daughter hit the target dead center, only 1/4 of an inch off of the bullseye, her first shot ever!

    I would be interested to hear from other parents working with their kids, on how best they managed to teach their kids to keep one eye closed and one eye open, etc.. I also have purchased a nice large sized blind, where me and her both can sit side by side in it, and I can put a shooting rest in there for her. It was the ameristep G-20 Grizzly blind, I got for only $59.99 at discount hunting supply dot com. Great price, on a great product, and shipped out very fast, I had it in 2 days. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an intro blind, which is the quality of the higher priced $200 blinds, with all the features. It is popup, folds into a small 24" backpack, weighs less than 12 lbs., comes with wind tiedowns, blackout inside, nice large windows, along with a smaller one in the center of each large one, with velcro camo screens, it is about 6' tall, and 5' on each side, very nice indeed. Also, as for the crossbow it is a 150lb. Metal and plastic coated, and fiberglass prod, here is the link if anyone is interested, these people are the cheapest and best products I have found for crossbows. Including the bolts and broadheads.

    With the crossbow costing $60.00
    and the Bolts costing $8.63 for 6 of them!
    and broadheads $10.00 for a 3 pack of 3 bladed fixed blade broadheads,

    this is the best price you will find anywhere on these items!

    This summer I am buying her the Wooden version of my crossbow 150lb. with the red dot scope, for only $80.00 complete. This will be even easier for her to aim.

    Oh did I mention these crossbows shoot at over 250 FPS even out at 110 yards?

    btw: I am not related to this site in anyway, I just purchase things from them, because it is the best quality products, even the arrows are not junk, with crooked fletchings and such, they are good quality, straight, fletchings perfect, etc.. And the arrows have the half moon nocks, not the blunt flat backs like other cheaper arrows. The broadheads work really well as well.

    Also, to give you an idea on the crossbow, it shoots so fast, you can't see the bolt once you pull the trigger, I had my stepson watch from the side and even when I told him I was pulling the trigger to watch for me, he couldn't see it, it is that fast, and accurate as a needle! It is dead on, and me and my kids love the crossbow it works really well!

    Sorry to ramble on, but I just wanted to help others who are wanting to get their kids into hunting using crossbows as well!

    Thanks for listening I hope this helps some people out!


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    it helped me! i've got a treehouse that works as a stand its got heat too. and its accessed from a suspension bridge so no scent on ground.i'm gonna start her shooting up there at a deer target and restrict her to short range. we have so many deer its pitiful.

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    You can hunt with a crossbow during the archery season as well. You just need a crossbow license.

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    thanks! that woud open up more time for us. i gotta get her in the hunter safety class. weirdest thing she isn't least bit bothered by my butchering deer for folks. but i can't touch her chickens

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