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Thread: singleshot 22 s7w first model

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    singleshot 22 s7w first model

    Looking for any info on this gun? When it was made? What the serial #s mean?
    (#1179) Top action
    6'' barrel
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    Well, since no one else has answered your question, here gos. Going into the Standard Catalog of S&W it looks more like the Model of 1891 Single shot. The confusion arises because all calibers of the single shot, the 38 single action Mexican and the combination sets of revolvers and single shot barrels all share the Model 1891 frame and the same serial number range as the 38 Single Action, 3rd Model and if that was not bad enough, by changing barrels and cylinders you could change the gun from a 1891 Single Shot to a Single Action , 4rd Model.. This a case of confusing serial numbers, the best I can decipher the ranges your gun was made between 1887 and 1910. Your best course of action is a letter from S&W. Perhaps the can supply better and less confusing information

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