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Thread: colt 1911 3 inch for kahr9/40

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    colt 1911 3 inch for kahr9/40

    I just got a new holster for my kahr cw.40. It is a hand made italian leather "master's holster" for the 3 inch model 1911 pistol. It holds the firearm tightly in place covers the trigger quite well and allows one handed holstering(for now as it is new and stiff). Anyone looking for a kahr 9/40 mil
    holster should consider this size as not many places carry holsters for the kahr's in stock. Just thought i would throw that out their for anyone who may be interested.

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    The internet is full of them; the .40 may be a tad harder to find than the 9; they will not both fit in all the same holsters.

    True story, I found a Galco "Tuck and Go" at a local store and it seemed to be just what I needed for my PM9. Only it didn't list PM9, just Kahr 9. I took it to the counter, where they didn't have a PM9 handy so he tried to fit a PM40 in it and it wouldn't fit in. He went in the back got a PM9 which fits perfectly. I think the 40 is .10 inch thicker slide?

    So IOW don't assume 9/40 holsters are interchangeable. Some probably are, at least one isn't

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    I was just about to say that I've never had a problem finding holsters for
    my Kahr pistols.
    The End

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