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Thread: Looking for info on an old German 22 cal rifle

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    Looking for info on an old German 22 cal rifle

    I have an old German made .22 cal single shot rifle, there are no names on the rifle except the letters D.R.P. which I have always thought would stand for German Replublic(maybe East Block Germany). The action is a trap door style single shot and there are 2 places withe the emblem of an animal with a tail turned into the letter "S". It is on the trap door part and looks to be burned or embossed in the stock. The pictures may help you better to understand the markings. Any information about this gun would be greatly appreciated.




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    The trademark is actually a cat curled into a letter "D" to stand for Deutsche Werke AG of Kiel, Germany. DW started out as a shipbuilding company that got into firearms. They are best known as the maker of most of the Ortgies autopistols, but had other products like your rifle. DRP stands for Deutsche Reich Patent.

    Although the rifle was patented by Deutsche Werke, it is a striker fired hammerless derivative of the old Warnant system Flobert and is not real strong. I would limit it to CB Longs or standard velocity .22 lr at most.
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