Anyone here know anything about W. Murad "Pointer" grips?

Made for different pistols and revolvers (High Standard and S&W at the very minimum). They are plastic of some type, typically have a floral design, looks like five pointed pimpernel blossoms. Interior of the grips have markings as part of the die casting process:

"POINTER" (with quote marks)
(last line indicates handgun application) S&W 303 or SW 404 MAG

I have a couple sets of these. From the style and basic appearance of lettering, these are from the 1940s or 50s; perhaps earlier. I did a quick web search and found mostly questions. One poster opined they're not worth much. However, in some forty-five years of active study and shooting, I've never seen these things that I recall.

Any old timers care to admit and share some history? I'd like to know more about their use and who made them.