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Thread: Review: Galco IWB holster for GP-100

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    Review: Galco IWB holster for GP-100

    I recently purchased a Galco Summer Comfort Holster for a Smith & Wesson N frame revolver. It fits my Ruger GP100 perfectly. For those who may not know, this product is a leather IWB holster with two leather snap belt loops. This particular version of the Summer Comfort is a bit stiffer than the Summer comfort holsters that I have for my Glock 23 and my Sigs.

    Another feature of this particular model of the Summer comfort holster is that it sits higher in the waistband than models made for pistols. As a result, only the very front end of the cylinder goes inside of the waistband. This higher position does not make the weapon harder to conceal and it adds greatly to the holster's comfort. I have been carrying a Sig 229 in a Summer Comfort holster for about a month now. When I switch to carrying my full sized adjustable sighted 4" GP100 to an IWB holster I found that the revolver was actually more comfortable to carry concealed than the much lighter and more compact sig. In fact, the only complaint that I have with carrying my GP100 is my concern that the hammer spur may damage the inside of my jacket. Even the revolver's 40oz weight was not a problem as the combination of a good holster and belt kept the weapon from dragging on me. I know that I am carrying a big revolver but I do not find it to be a chore. Indeed, at the end of a 12 hour work day I was not anxious to take the weapon off and kept wearing it as I ate a very late supper at home.

    Another surprise for me is just how fast I can draw the big revolver from the IWB holster. Granted the GP 100 is a bit thinner than the Smith N-frame for which the the holster was designed. Nevertheless, the GP100 fits securely in the holster with no play or movement of the weapon in the holster. When I tried some draws from the holster I found that the weapon draws cleanly with absolutely no perceivable drag from the holster. Re-holstering is also easy as the rigid leather keeps the holster mouth open.

    So for you big revolver fans, take a look at this IWB holster from Galco. Once again, my lack of a digital camera keeps me from posting a picture of my particular holster, but here is a link that shows the product.

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