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Dear Senator Chambliss: 03 / 21 / 2010
Our Nation is at a critical juncture in our History.
What happens tomorrow, the 03/21/2009, in the House of Representatives, as far as passage of the “Socialist” Health Care Legislation is the start of a slippery slide to WAR, here in the United States of America. Why?
Because on December 18 of 2009 “acting” President Obama made an attempt to overthrow the United States Government through his drive to Ratify The Global Warming Treaty in Copenhagen, Denmark. This Treaty contained provisions that formed a New United Nation's “SOCIALEST” WORLD GOVERNMENT.
This new government would become the Ruling Authority OVER The United States of America.
The Treaty was not ratified due in large part to the efforts of Lord Christopher Monckton who, after sounding the warning below, continued to speak out against the Treaty/Government formation.
Lord Monckton is an expert in Atmospheric Science and Gave a major presentation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference which clearly showed that the evidence for Global Warming was false. This was the reason former VP Al Gore left the conference early, without giving his presentation, saying he had to check his data.
Although the Treaty was not ratified an agreement was signed by “acting” President Obama and many other World Leaders.
This agreement apparently continued the drive to form an all powerful United Nation's

Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher before the Minnesota Free Market Institute~ October14, 2009
“So, thank you, America. You were the beacon of freedom in the world. It is a privilege merely to stand on this soil of freedom while it is still free. But, in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your president will sign your freedom, your democracy, and your humanity away forever. And neither you nor any subsequent government you may elect will have any power whatsoever to take it back. That is how serious it is. I’ve read the treaty. I’ve seen this stuff about (world) government and climate debt and enforcement. They are going to do this to you whether you like it or not.

But, I think it is here, here in your great nation, which I so love and I so admire — it is here that perhaps, at this eleventh hour, at the fifty-ninth minute and fifty-ninth second, you will rise up and you will stop your president from signing that dreadful treaty, that purposeless treaty. For there is no problem with climate and, even if there were, an economic treaty does nothing to (help) it.”

Senator Chambliss:
I have been one of your supporters for many years and during that time, with the exception of your vote for conformation of Eric Holder for Attorney General, you have been a constant Patriotic supporter of The United States of America and our Military, and I believe you love our country and the people of the State of Georgia.
Do to your highly respected position among your fellow Senators and Representatives it may be possible for you to help stop Obama's forward momentum at this time. For if this odorous bill passes, what will stop the passage of Cap and Trade?
Cap and Trade will in turn lead to the formation of this New World government!
In addition there are several gun control bills and gun control treaties that are already in preparation for passage.
Please present copies of this Fax to as many Representatives as you can.
This will surely lead to ALL OUT WAR HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to save the Republic.
By the Grace of God the over 30 Million Angry, Heavily Armed, well trained and ready to fight American Patriots, both in and out of the Military, will WIN. (This is an adjusted version).

Wayne J. Behrle ( See below ).

Dear nplant:
I hope that you find the above, slightly adjusted version, more palatable.

This does remind me of a story.

A man's house was on fire and his Chinese neighbor ran up to the door and knocked.
The man came to the door and the Chinaman shouted Yo Hos on Fur, Yo Hos on Fur and
the man said: No! that is not right, it is your house is on fire, not Yo Hos on Fur, you should learn to speak proper English!
He then closed the door, went back to bed and perished.
Have a great day,
Wayne J. Behrle

Dear ZeSpectre:
I believe the Founding Fathers of our country would have agreed with me, that our right to keep and bear arms would be quite material to a firearms forum!
Our fight for independence as a people and nation started to be a war, rather than just rhetoric, when the British tried to confiscate our firearms.
The confiscation of our firearms is precisely what the Obama administration has in mind!
I believe that this will, all to soon, become reality, since there are at least two gun control bills being prepared at this moment.
A good source of information is GOA, Gun Owners of America.
The Obama administration is also pushing very hard to ratify a United Nation's treaty that would strip Americans of all of our gun rights and it appears may be enforced by United Nation's troops right here in the USA!
In case you are not aware of it, there is apparently a large and growing contingent of UN troops already in the United States.
Several large FEMA type prison camps right here in the United States are manned by UN troops at the present time.
My understanding though, is that most of the prisons are now empty.
I can be reached at:
Have a great day,
Wayne J. Behrle