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    So Proud

    Howdy, folks.
    The weekend that I got back from Afghanistan, we went as a family to the gun show. I didn't buy anything, mostly just gauging prices to see what's changed in the year that I got back. Anyways, my oldest daughter, Abbey who is 4 saw a pink Cricket .22LR and wanted it. I told her that when she starts Kindergarten we'll get the gun for her if she can learn the rules.
    Fast Forward a week. I bring out my first .22 my dad gave to me when I was about 7 or so. I give her a little class on gun safety and the rules and we watch a little eddie eagle video I found online.
    And that brings us to yesterday. I went out to the gun stores trying to sell my Saiga so I can get a new gun (don't ask, check my add in the trading post). I grab Abbey and ask her if she wants to go to the gun store with me (it's our bonding time). She gets excited and we go for a drive. I ask her to tell me the gun rules. She didn't get it word for word, but by golly, she understands the concept of safety and the terms under which she can and cannot touch a gun.
    She starts school next year and I think she will have a pleasant surprise for her birthday.
    I'm so proud of her.
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    eastern Massachusetts

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    Well done.
    Send lawyers, guns, and money . . .

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    That is awesome.
    Your on the right track OP.

    My kid at about 5-6 came across a sawed off shotgun at my brothers house,
    on a bridge across a creek, that I built for my brother.
    (Seems the night before, my bro was drinking and wanted to 'off' himself. He didn't BTW)...

    My boy came and got me and took me to the single shot 12 ga. gun.
    (It was loaded)..

    I was a proud papa that day.
    He did good because I made him UNDERSTAND real early, to be safety conscious of everything.
    Snakes, guns, strange or otherwise unsure situations.

    Communicating honestly and openly with your kids early, is, I think,
    they key to a lifelong bonding that no book can try to teach us.

    I look forward to your range report, when you get her that pleasant surprise for her birthday.

    Good job... Dad.

    Oh, and THANK YOU for your service sir.
    I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.

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    Excellent job! Or as we used to say in Uncle Sams Yacht Club, Bravo Zulu!

    Anybody with the appropriate body parts can be a father. You're taking the effort to be a Dad. As a Dad myself, I want to thank you. In time, your own kids will understand and thank you. I also want to thank you for serving our country. Related to that, welcome home.

    Good job on making the point about safery and taking away the "forbidden fruit" aspect of firearms. Personally, I think the latter reduces a lot of accidents on its own. Coupled with the learning, it makes for safe kids and happy families that can enjoy some time together.
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