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Thread: i just bought a spanish pistol

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    Talking i just bought a spanish pistol

    it is a Star SI in .32acp. the serial number is SI 423613. the gun is absolutely perfect. there are no dings, scratches and not even a scuff mark on the magazine. i have never seen anything like it. can you help me with date of manufacture? i may sell it, but only to someone who can appreciate its pristine condition. the blue is perfect and the grips are black plastic. any takers out there? if it isn't in perfect condition i will eat it. catch me at or tel. 239-822-3464, anytime.

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    I realize this is an old post, but in case anyone else stumbles onto this while researching a Spanish pistol, there is a good way to identify and date a Spanish firearm

    Just google "Spanish pistol dates"

    and you wind up at

    Those Stars are nice pistols. I have 8 or so.

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