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Thread: help identifying these two old guns!!

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    help identifying these two old guns!!

    Got a long distance (PA) request asking to identify these two old percussion guns. The rifle is a little ornate and looks like it may be a German made target gun. The pistol - I just don't know - maybe French Navy??? Photos are not great but they can't be done again anytime soon. I requested info on marks and will add it on here when and if I get it. I see one cartouce on the pistol wood but it just looks like an owner's stamp. Appreciate any info on who, where, when - maybe possible value??


    Album is here

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    The rifle looks typically American to me. German rifles usually have a large bore and shorter barrel.

    On both firearms, the markings on the lock, barrel, etc, should tell the tale better than the pix. Nearly all makers will put stamps on the metal parts.

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