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Thread: A slip of the tongue, or, Christmas revealed

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    A slip of the tongue, or, Christmas revealed

    So I've got a good friend who was a sorta gun guy in his younger days. He's in his seventies now. I see him at least once a week, my kids call him "Uncle Rich" and he's a regular salt-of-the-earth type guy.

    What's this got to do with black powder? Twenty years ago he bought a percussion T/C .50 cal, Jaeger style with set triggers. Never fired it.

    Since he's the local handyman, he wanted to build something, that something was a percussion .50 cal. pistol. Also never fired.

    His wife slipped up and mentioned that he plans to give them to me for Christmas.

    First off, cool gifts. Secondly, and more important, cool friends.

    This is the same guy that when he found out I was taking my son shooting for the first time, presented us with 1,000 rounds of old Federal .22 rimfire from his gunsafe. They are perfect for my sons' old Romanian Trainer .22.

    When my dog died two years ago, he purloined a picture (with assistance from my wife) and had it enlarged, affixed to a piece of wood, and then cut around it to make a plaque with my dogs picture on it.

    Of course I always enjoy Christmas with Rich, he makes a KILLER rumcake.

    Of course now I've got to play dumb for a month and I've yet to figure out what I'm getting him and Nancy for the holidays.
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    Uncle Rich sounds like a great guy. Now you've got to think of something really nice to do for him. The problem with we older guys is that we've pretty well got everything we want. Any suggestions for 1911?
    Just got home from up in your neck of the woods. My In-laws live in North Canton and part of their family is from Warren.
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