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Thread: Call for assistance

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    Call for assistance

    I have an unknown, single shot pistol, chambered for 22 short caliber. The surface is heavily corroded with no visible markings. The lever on the left side moves counterclockwise so the barrel can be removed for loading. The barrel has four lands and grooves with a right twist. Any help in identifiying it would be appreciated.
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    Good luck. Did the barrel come free on its own or did you have to do some cleaning to get it freed up?

    Can you provide any information as to where or how the gun was found? Its pretty beat up, and it'd be helpful to know if we're looking for an older/primitive/hand maker or if it was dredged from a pond and it could have been a very nice gun before the fish got it.

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    I did a little pokin' around, did not see anything like it.

    Was hoping someone esle could come up with an answer by now. If it had sights and a longer barrel, I would have thought it was one of those many many "parlor guns" for shooting indoors at social gatherings. They usually shot BB and CB caps, though and earlier, a musket cap and a ball without powder.

    With the outside rust that bad, how come the barrel survived well enough that you could determine the chambering and rifling? Just luck? Does the lockwork still function?

    Another thing I thought of was that it was an inexpensive bicycle gun, similar in purpose to the Velo Dog guns. Heh-heh, maybe someone shot a dog and chucked it in the drink so they wouldn't get tagged for it. Or maybe it was a one-use mob back-of-the-neck-and-up-competitor-eliminator.

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    It looks like nothing I have ever seen before, it looks home made in someones machine shop.

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    Looks like a great candidate for experimenting with electrolysis rust removal. I'd at least clean it up and put it in a shadow box for the "cool factor" alone.

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