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Thread: Sonic Cleaners for C&B Revolver Parts

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    Sonic Cleaners for C&B Revolver Parts

    I've been eyeballing the sonic case/gun parts cleaners out there. Has anyone used a sonic cleaner on percussion revolver parts, like cylinders and nipples? How well does it work? One of the most un-fun aspects of c & b revolver shooting is cleaning all those darned little nipples. If you use multiple cylinders, it really adds up too.

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    Never used one. I wonder if the same effect could be obtained with putting the parts in a beaker, attaching a good set of headphones and playing something with a lot of bass really cranked? Next time I take the Remington replica out I may try it.

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    I use an ultrasonic cleaner for my guns - no black powder though.

    The results are amazing. You can just watch the dirt float off the parts. Whatever dirt doesn't fall off is easy to get with a brush.

    If you don't have one already, I'd suggest spending more for a quality model - more laboratory grade than "Made in China". Also, a cleaner with a heater will speed things up and boost the effectiveness.

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    Something in the back of my head was telling me that steel was the way to go.
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