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Thread: Kershaw 1090 "Northside" Hunting Folder

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    Kershaw 1090 "Northside" Hunting Folder

    Over the weekend, I wandered into the local Black Sheep store and found myself simultaneously disappointed (the classic Kershaw 3140 is now made in China rather than Japan) and intrigued: a Kershaw design I'd not seen before, the 1090 Northside.

    Retailing at $30, they had a bunch of these priced
    at $12.

    So I grabbed a couple.

    It's a seriously ample knife, having a 3.75-inch
    blade, and a nicely ergonomic grip.

    I don't think this one wins any prizes for innovation
    particularly, but it has a nicely shaped drop-point
    blade made of a reasonable steel, tempered to a
    usable hardness, flat ground, and quite sharp as

    Last night I got to cut up some large cardboard
    boxes with it, slice up some steak, and a couple
    of other random knife tasks. It kept its edge.
    I was pleased.

    Today I used it to make salad for lunch. Very
    "slicey" for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, stuff
    like that. No real effort to hack veggies, and the
    curved blade turns out to be a very good general
    purpose shape in the kitchen.

    I think I'll go back and buy a couple more.

    Black Sheep occasionally does a clearance pricing on stuff that unaccountably didn't sell well when it hit the shelves, and I consequently get to pick up the occasional bargain.

    This is an excellent knife for tossing in a tackle box, tool box, glove box, or just having along.

    I have a "portable kitchen" box that has a variety of knives in it (shocker, I know). I'm thinking I'll have to do a review to see if the 1090 can't replace something else that's already in there.

    For quality comparison, I do not see this as stacking up well against, for example, a Case (large) Sod Buster, and if I had to compare it with another purpose-made hunter, like the Buck Omni folder, I'd have to give the "quality points" nod to the Buck. (I do wish they'd release an upgraded version of this one in a better steel and with their classic fit-n-finish. I would go for that.)

    That said, it's every bit as comfortable as the Omni, and the flat grind gives it a broader range of uses.

    Verdict: good, general purpose full-sized (well, okay, large) folder with good ergos and decent quality.

    I'm gonna a) carry this one for a week or two and get a better feel for it, and 2) pick up a couple more while they're still on clearance.

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    I love Kershaw, especially the Ken Onion assisteds. I have had great customer service with them (the problem I called them about was my fault, not theirs--and they took care of it).

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