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Thread: My New Sting-Ray Holster!!!!!

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    My New Sting-Ray Holster!!!!!

    I never thought I would own a holster that borders on too pretty to carry. It happened slowly. First I bought some Kingswood grips for the gun, then the plastic speed loaders looked fugly next to the gun. So, I bought some fancy speed loaders and a range block; then the holster looked cheap and I bought this holster. Now my speed loader pouches will need to be replaced. I know, I'm crazy.

    Anyways, I just got a sting-ray holster. I custom ordered this one for my favorite Security Six. I'll tell you this guy knows how to make a holster!

    I have never had a gun fit in a holster so well. I got it at 11:00am today and I have been wearing it all day. I also never had a holster for my 4" Sixes that was sooo comfortable. Seriously, I'm not blowing smoke. It really conforms to the body. He also did all the little things I asked for; such as making the leather on the skin side being high enough to prevent the hammer and high back of the ruger's grip from jabbing me in the side.

    I am very happy with this rig. I am already thinking of having him make a 1911 rig! The only problem I have is I think its too nice to carry!

    Now enough of the blah, blah, blah. Here are the pics!

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