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Thread: Some Remington New Army's

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    Some Remington New Army's

    Got them from Cabela's over the last couple weeks. Had them on sale so I couldn't resist. The Sheriffs were back-ordered for quite a while when I was checking...then they got them in stock. Day after I ordered...they were back-ordered again. Must be made in small batches.

    Compared to the Pietta Colt's I've gotten from Cabelas, these (also Pietta's) are MUCH nicer made. Very few sharp edges to knock down or burrs to remove. They could have been shot from the box....but are a little better now from the tear-down and clean up.

    The Sheriff's are sequential, while the New Army's a couple hundred #'s off from each other. I got a set of Colt 1860's that were ONE number away from sequential.....close as I ever got before these guns.

    Now.....just need to get this snow out of the way and get them dirty.
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    I've had to quit looking at the Cabelas ad because I don't really need another pistol, not that that matters, and I'm broke.

    I'd like to shoot one of those Sheriffs. But then I would have to buy one.

    Commom sense isn't very common anymore.

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