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    Question J.L Galef

    I am looking for info on a 6 shot revolver looks like a 1851 colt....
    it has a 4 3/4 octogon barrel top of barrel stamped J.L Galef & son New York N.Y.... on the side it has Black powder only-Made in italy-Caliber 36 stamped.... brass frame. also has Some kind of Crest stamped and a PN with a star in a circle above it stamped on frame, barrel, & cylinder... and AA stamped on frame .

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    Galef and Son is the importer. It's common for importers to put their mark on the product. I'll say it's made by Pietta. You can see the PN with star very easily if you click for the larger view and zoom in here;

    The brass frame makes the stamp show up very well in that photo, but you can make it out, along with some of the other stamps, proof marks, readme files, etc., in some of the other Pietta photos over there.

    Pietta makes a lot of percussion revolver replicas, and the quality, at least recently, has been good.

    You don't say what information you're looking for (personal history of the company founders, family trees of the importers, etc.).

    And herein is one reason to put markings all over an otherwise nice-looking piece - it makes them easy to identify. Ubertis have their readme files stamped under the barrel, hidden by the loading lever.

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