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Thread: Mossberg 590A1 foregrip

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    Mossberg 590A1 foregrip

    Can someone tell me how to tell if the foregrip on my mossberg 590a1 can be changed without taking the gun apart? It was bought 2 years ago and I know some of the newer ones can't be replaced

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    I had the EXACT same question a while back. It is easy to do, your 590a1 should be replaceable.

    1. Clear the firearm
    2. Field strip the firearm
    3. Look at the grip once removed from the magazine tube. You should see a castle nut on the end.
    4. Unscrew the castle nut. I was able to use a long square screwdriver on its side to engage the notches and turn it. If it unscrewed without issue, you can replace your forend.
    5. My foregrip was quite tight. Don't try to remove it until you are ready to put a new one on, its just extra work.

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    Sort of off topic, but what handguard are you putting on?

    I never got around to actually finding a replacement once I figured out that I could replace it.

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    I put a Hogue on mine, much improvement over original equipment.
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    Re: Mossberg 590A1 foregrip

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