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Thread: Colt Walker, Awesome!!

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    Colt Walker, Awesome!!

    I dont shoot my walker much because it takes about three times the powder the other guns do, but wow, what an experience. The gun itslef is too heavy to hold for long because my hands starts wiggling, but when it goes off there is a nice kick, and the barell lever always pops loose unless I secure it with a hair tie. I tried walking around with it on my hip, and if you do that enough I think one leg winds up being shorter than the other.

    Mine has a bang loud enought o wake the neighborhood() but it appears to have almost the same force as my .357 mag. I have to recall when they invented them and the natives went up agains the rangers with these monsters that were designed powerful enough to kill a horse.

    Best money I spent on a black powder toy.

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    Nothing but fun but just to make it easier on me I shoot 55 or 50 gr for fun loads and 35 gr topped with corn meal for accurate.

    .44 Colt/Walker makes with 60 grains of Goex FFFg blackpowder with a 148 grain pure lead round ball averages 1,170 fps.

    Then came the .357 Magnum in 1935. 158 gr bullet at 1400 fps but a lot more accurate, more penetration, faster to reload and easier to hang onto. In a gun fight I would prefer the .357 but for fun and for a deer at 60 yards give me the Walker.
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