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Thread: Little winter shooting

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    Little winter shooting

    Been a little quiet down here and I think most of us are just counting time till its shirt sleeve shooting weather but I couldn't stand it anymore so I loaded up a few and went out to do some 25 yard targets. That idea was squelched quickly. 37 degrees was warm enough, but a solid layer of ice between my shooting bench and the target line made my old body change its mind and I set up some ice filled jugs at 10 yards instead, Even that was a hip crunching back screaming exercise but when you gotta shoot you gotta shoot.

    So some Walkers, ROA and a Navy 1851 36 caliber I had never shot before purchased from a man who had it for a few years but never took it out of the box.

    I was going to set out a dozen jugs but by the time I got these 4 out there I was nearly done in. 28 days, 59 hours till spring and I can't wait.

    In spite of everything shooting was good and the 36 was spot on, no change in load necessary.

    So come on guys, who is shooting and what are you shooting?
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    Two weekends ago zeroed my AR at 300 yards and did some pistol work. Last Saturday I took out another AR, M1 carbine, SKS and M39. It has been fun down here, shoot on Saturday, dive on Sunday. Makes for a nice break from this torture called Calculus.
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