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Thread: Children seek what is forbidden

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    Children seek what is forbidden

    As I frequent the different gun related boards I am stunned at the number of totally asinine reactions of schools in their anti-gun ignorance.

    Latest was a 6 year old that had a tiny (about the size of a quarter) gun from a lego set, and showed it to classmates on the bus. Now expelled from school and all of the other stunning ignorance our schools demonstrate.

    Now with your own children, and remembering when you were a kid, what had the most attraction to that child, or you? Ah yes, what is forbidden.

    Don't play with matches, don't play with knives, don't smoke a cigarette, and so on and so forth. And what does the kid seek out, all those things that authority figures forbid. I know I did. Any idea where this will be going with the total insanity that schools are demonstrating toward guns, expelling students for nibbling a pop-tart into a gun shape, bringing a tiny toy gun to school, expelled, wearing a NRA t-shirt, suspended.

    Our grandsons (10 and 12) who are here on a regular basis know that we have handguns, have our CHP, and carry where it is not illegal. They wanted to see and handle them, and we took the opportunity to teach them about guns, and gun safety. We taught them how to load, fire, and clear the guns (semi-autos).

    When we felt they were ready, and they said they were ready we took them to the range to watch only. Next visit, after more drills, we took them to shoot, if they wanted to. We have a Walther and Colt 22LR handguns, which they shot. Then they wanted to shoot our 9mm, and my XD40. They did great, they loved it, they demonstrated excellent gun and trigger safety practices, and were a pretty good shot.

    After several such trips to the range, they wanted to shoot a .45, so I rented a XD45ACP from the range which they had no problem with it at all.

    The forbidden guns do not have a draw on them because they have been trained and allowed to shoot, each has probably put 350- 400 rounds down range from a variety of calibers, from 22LR to .45. Of course while they are here, the guns are not accessible to them, but will be allowed to handle them if they ask, and with school out soon, I suspect more trips to the range.

    This turned out longer than intended, but is the reaction by schools and some parents only going to succeed in creating more Columbines and Sandy Hooks? When I went to school, every single boy in school had a pocket knife with them every day, yet I don't recall any knife fights. Fist fights yes, but no knife fights.

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