IMG_3506.JPGIMG_3507.JPGIMG_3510.JPGIMG_3547.JPGIMG_3552.JPGhello, I need some ones help finding info on a flintlock. it says Stoeger Arms corp. on it across the top. it has other markings on it also, but can't make them all out. my best guess is "I/AnFI\IRP 6ILM" I may try to light clean over letters, but before I do I would like any feed back. I believe its a musket - smooth bore - 55/64 or 21.78 mm or its just 7/8" inside dia. It all works with flint still in it. the butt of the stock has a butt plate with a finger sticking out with a ball on the end. I believe to fit under your arm pit.
I have some pics. I don't know how to post them here, but you can email me at