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Thread: Best gemstone lab

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    Best gemstone lab

    If you want to test a gem and it makes much that why they do not really come for a cheap price so you should have to take certification from a good lab so that you can get the quality assurance. Get the gems tested before buying them, it further leads to good business

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    Many gem labs offer various grading services, reports and methods for diamond grading but among many labs I personally rely on the GSI gemological lab that offer the widest range of services and products with the highest quality. For GSI https://gemscience.net/ working with transparency, and accuracy is important. They provide instruments that let customers virtually peek inside the laboratory. They have a professional approach to work. They offer accurate customized reports in different formats and layouts. GSI also offers a variety of educational programs to help prepare the new generation of professional graders. I'm fully satisfied with their work and would like to recommend them.

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