Utilize the bolt keys to move Fireboy and the W,A,D keys to move Water girl. They can each touch their own component, yet can't contact the inverse. Neither can contact the green goo. Utilize their remarkable abilities to get past the level and to the ways out.

This game has three every single new sanctuary: Fire, Water and Wind. Select them from the fundamental menu to complete the new Fireboy and Water girl experience.

Components Temple is the most up to date game in the Fireboy and Water girl 5 establishment. In contrast to the past games in the arrangement, this game has a blend of 7 unique sanctuaries, each with 5 or 6 new levels. The sanctuaries in the game incorporate the 4 past sanctuaries in addition to 3 new sanctuaries: fire, water and wind. To approach the new sanctuaries, you should initially finish a couple of levels in the backwoods sanctuary.

The game methodology proceeds with similar ideas as in the past games in the establishment. Fireboy and Watergirl should cooperate to finish each level. Fireboy should stay away from water pools and Watergirl should keep away from magma pools. Each level is a kind of puzzle where the members need to sort out the correct moves they should do to finish it. As you complete each level, gather however many jewels as you can to improve score. On the off chance that you discover a level to be too hard you can find support in the walkthrough video, later in this page.

The Fire Temple levels are remarkable in light of the fact that they contain just magma pools that Fireboy can stroll around in and no water pools. Despite the fact that it appears to be a simple sanctuary for Fireboy it precisely the inverse. Fireboy should do all the difficult work to clear a path for Watergirl to have the option to arrive at its entryway. It is a joint exertion all things considered.

The Water Temple is a similar idea as the Fire Temple just with water. All levels of the Water Temple have just water pools where Watergirl can stroll around openly. This doesn't mean a simple sanctuary for Watergirl. Watergirl should run in any event twice as much as Fireboy to track down a protected entry for her red pal.

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