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Thread: How to play game The FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL 5: ELEMENTS

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    How to play game The FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL 5: ELEMENTS

    Break the bricks, collect powerups and use them to advance through the many levels in this classic arcade game for all ages! “Brick Breaker 2018” is simple to the core but challenging even for the most skilled players, as the levels require careful precision and strategy. It features many items and powerups that can be used to change the pacing of the game, including Lasers and the Energy Ball that can break all the bricks!

    Use the on-screen buttons to move the paddle left/right and hit the ball. You must break all the bricks in order to advance to the next level.

    The Fire Temple levels are remarkable in light of the fact that they contain just magma pools that Fireboy can stroll around in and no water pools. Despite the fact that it appears to be a simple sanctuary for Fireboy and watergirl 5 precisely the inverse. Fireboy should do all the difficult work to clear a path for Water girl to have the option to arrive at its entryway. It is a joint exertion all things considered.

    The Water Temple is a similar idea as the Fire Temple just with water. All levels of the Water Temple have just water pools where Watergirl can stroll around openly. This doesn't mean a simple sanctuary for Watergirl. Watergirl should run in any event twice as much as Fireboy to track down a protected entry for her red pal.

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